Elite Marketing Pro

So what is EMP actually?

EMP is short for Elite Marketing Pro.

You can say that EMP is an automated marketing system.

It’s a marketing platform and a training system that you can use as a member to create a successful online business and to improve your marketing skills.

You can use the system to generate leads and sales for any business you want, coaching business, real estate agency, insurance broker, personal trainer, spa… You name it!!!

You can join EMP and use it in 3 different ways, or in a combination of 2 or all 3!

Online Marketing

Here are the 3 ways you can use EMP:


1) Marketing Training

Use it mainly for the powerful marketing training EMP (and WWN) provides to improve your marketing skills, and thereby also improve your sales and results.


2) Marketing Platform

If you have your own business/ product / service/ coaching or an MLM business, you can use the EMP marketing platform and all the tools provided in the system to promote it, that is use the done-for-you-blog, capture page builder, sales page builder, build your own sales funnels etc.


3) Make Money As An Affiliate

Use EMP mainly to make money as an affilate, that is, you make a commisssion each time someone buys an EMP membership or a training course.


What I mean by using EMP in a combination of the 3 options above is for example if you have a coaching business, and you use the EMP built-for-you-blog, capture pages, sales pages etc to promote your business.

Then on your blog you can have a banner with one of EMP’s products, so if a visitor on your blog clicks on it and buy something, you make a nice commission as an affiliate too as an additional income stream.


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There are *4 different membership levels.

The lowest entrance level is from $37-47/ month (this varies). You get access to 1 EMP training product and can make a commission on this if you sell it as well as on other EMP courses. You also have access to the marketing platform (blog, capture pages etc).

Next level is $297/ year – which is a much better deal – because divided on 12 months gives a monthly payment of just $24.75. You get all the above + you can make a 40% commission if someone joins EMP as a member on the 2 first levels.

Next level is Pro $197/ month, and the highest, VIP level is $1,997/ year. On these two levels you have free access to ALL EMP’s marketing courses, and you can make **100% commissions on all of EMP:s products and memberships (but the monthly level doesn’t make commission on the $1,997 level, and there are some more priviligies on the VIP level)

Please note: this explanation may not be 100% complete, it’s simplified to keep it short and prices, what’s included on different membership levels etc. may change. Always check the details with EMP customer service.

Click on the link I gave you above to find out the details. The prices etc may also change so always be sure before you join the EMP system that you join on the level that you want and suits your needs.


This is what I would suggest if you think that

EMP is something you need


1) If you’re interested to promote the EMP marketing trainings and courses and the EMP memberships as an affiliate and make **100% commissions, then you should join on one of the 2 highest levels ($197/month or $1,997/ year).

2) If you’re mainly interested to use EMP to improve your marketing skills – and also to use the capture page system, blog etc to promote your own business or product, I suggest you join on the $297 / year level. It’s 50% cheaper than the $47 monthly level. You can also earn affiliate commissions of 40% on several EMP products.

3) Another option you can consider if you’re unsure if EMP is right for you, is that you join on a monthly level. That will give you time to test drive it – and if you like it, I do think it’s possible to “upgrade” to the annual $297 level by the end of your first month.


Always check with the EMP support before though, so it’s still possible to do that.

Another tip: Click on this link Test EMP for $1

Click on “Add To Cart”, then you should have the option to test EMP for 10 days for just $1 !!!


For more information about becoming an affiliate for EMP, click here:

==>> http://www.ckmarketingonline.com/emp/emp-affiliate/


For a sneak peak of the EMP back office and the Ignition Coaching Modules, click here:

==>> http://www.ckmarketingonline.com/emp-back-office/


If you want to improve your internet marketing skills, get access to an automated marketing system with a possibility to make money as an affiliate, get access to a pre-setup blog, a capture page and sales page builder, mastermind with other online marketers… and much more: Join the EMP community today!

Elite Marketing Pro System

You can learn more about what EMP is about if you click on the

link below and opt-in with your best email address.


Click here:  YES! I Want To Know More About EMP


Ps I: There is even a 7 day trial of Elite Marketing Pro for just $7.

Ps II: Don’t worry about giving away your email address. If you want, you can easily opt-out anytime  – by just clicking on “unsubscribe” in any mail from EMP.

Ps III: This is my affiliate link, and if you sign up via my link, you’ll get a 30 minutes free coaching call with me, where you can ask me about how to set up the EMP blog or capture pages, or if you want tips and advice about setting up a marketing campaign on Facebook or PPV.


For any questions you may have: 

Send me an email ==>> ckmarketingonline@gmail.com or you can also connect with me on: https://www.facebook.com/ckmarketingonline

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* Please note, ALWAYS check with Elite Marketing Pro’s customer service about prices and what’s included when purchasing Ignition Coaching Program or EMP membership etc. This may change.


** You get to keep commissions minus an approx. 10% transaction fee.



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